Once upon a time...

Discover our story, the birth of Poupon

October 2018

The beginning of a new adventure

The story of Poupon begins when Manon discovers that she is expecting her first child. A new adventure is about to begin… but not the one she imagines.

January 2019

The idea of Poupon is born

Concerned about preparing the arrival of her little Brune as well as possible, Manon is interested in baby care products but, very quickly, reading the small lines on the packaging leads to more questions than answers: How to know which ingredients to avoid? Who is behind the brands? How and where are the products made? Realizing that “her” perfect line didn’t exist, the young thirty-something decided to create it.

March 2019

The big leap into entrepreneurship

With the help of two friends, a pharmacist and a midwife, Manon made her project a reality and launched Poupon, a brand that she wanted to be natural, 100% clean, eco-friendly, exclusively dedicated to toddlers and children, pleasant to use and made in France, while taking into account the needs and expectations of parents.

Spring 2019

Looking for French partners

Manon travels throughout France in search of quality products and partners with recognized know-how. In Haute-Savoie, she found the laboratory where, in collaboration with the person in charge, she developed natural formulas based on organic active ingredients, without controversial ingredients, adapted to the sensitive skin of toddlers, always respecting her requirements as a future mother. In Marseille, a Nose composes the olfactory signature of Poupon, a soft, light and unique perfume, based on orange blossom and white musk.

September 2019 - March 2020

Formulations and tests

After countless samples and tests with many moms, the formulas are finally validated! Moms love them and… Yuka agrees with this! It even gives them a 100/100 !

April 2020

Nurturing the planet

Preserving the planet also means taking care of our children! In an eco-friendly approach, Manon goes to Oyonnax where she finds a supplier who allows her to offer recycled and recyclable packaging!

June 2020

Give color to Poupon

Finally, placing great importance on the pleasure of the senses provided by the use of the products, Manon places special emphasis on working on the visual identity of the brand in order to propose an attractive and modern line that brings color to children’s bedrooms and to the bathrooms of all families.

March 2021

Poupon takes its first steps

In March 2021, after almost two years of research and development, Poupon was born, a blend of gentleness, safety and pleasure dedicated to the care of babies, to the delight of their parents.

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