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Our products

Are your products natural?

Our products are made of 98% to 100% natural origin, they contain a low concentration of synthetic ingredients necessary for the good stability and conservation of the product. We know that the naturalness of the products is important for the parents, that's why we try to work our formulas with our laboratory in order to have a high proportion of ingredients of natural and organic origin.

Are our products certified organic?

We choose high naturalness as well as organic. Indeed, we have percentages of natural origin higher than those imposed by Cosmos regulations (minimum 98% of ingredients of natural origin) we have also chosen active ingredients from organic farming (Aloe vera, shea butter, olive oil, apricot, ...), raw materials eco-designed or manufactured in France.

Nevertheless we do not have the mention "organic" because our products have a partly synthetic perfume, without allergen and without substance known for its potential cutaneous sensitizing, it was our priority to propose hypoallergenic care with a strong cutaneous tolerance.

Where do the ingredients used in your products come from?

At Poupon, we are committed to respecting the environment and the delicate skin of our toddlers. In collaboration with our laboratory in Haute-Savoie, we have selected organic active ingredients and noble ingredients.

We try to privilege the short circuit with ingredients of French or European origin (Italy, Spain), when it is possible, it is the case in particular the apricot. Sometimes, choosing ingredients of French origin is not possible but we always know where they come from.

Do your products contain perfume?

We wanted a brand that did not compromise between the pleasure of the senses and the composition of the products. Our liniment is fragrance-free, while the other products in the range contain between 0.1% and 0.7% fragrance, Poupon's signature scent. This fragrance has been developed for the sensitive skin of toddlers. It contains no allergens or alcohol and is suitable from birth. Its sweet scent, based on orange blossom and white musk, was composed in Marseille by a professional nose.

What is the smell of Poupon products?

It is in Marseille that a Nose composes the olfactory signature of Poupon, a soft, floral and unique perfume. You will recognize citrus, mint and fig leaf in the top note, your olfactory path will continue with orange blossom, jasmine, red fruit and violet in the middle note, ending with a soft scent of cedar, white musk and clean linen in the base note.

All Poupon products have the same olfactory signature.

Do your products contain allergens?

Our products do not contain allergens and can be used on all skin types from birth. All our formulas have been tested under dermatological control.

Where are your products made?

At Poupon, we wanted to surround ourselves with the best, all our products are manufactured and packaged in Haute-Savoie, in our partner laboratory. Our moisturizing cream with its plant-based tube is also made in Haute-Savoie. Our recycled and recyclable bottles are made in France in Oyonnax, just like our labels which are printed in the Lyon region.  

Is the presence of perfume in your products harmful to my baby?

This fragrance is found in all Poupon products, which contain between 0.1% and 0.5% of it (except for our liniment, which is 100% natural and based on olive oil and lime water). This fragrance is harmless to the sensitive skin of babies and children. Indeed, all our formulas have been developed to be adapted from birth, for very sensitive skin, that's why they have all been dermatologically tested in laboratory and that also explains why our formulas are 100/100 Yuka.

Can the scented water be used on the skin of a pregnant woman?

The eau de senteur can and is also used by pregnant women. 
Alcohol-free, non-photosensitizing and hypoallergenic, the scented water is compatible with pregnancy!


Where can I find my invoice?

You will automatically receive the invoice of your purchases by email once the payment is validated. We never put the invoice in your orders, you have the possibility to edit it via your personal space in the heading "my orders".

What payment methods are accepted?

You can pay your purchases in a secure way by credit card, Visa or Mastercard.

Delivery and returns

What are the delivery times?

Our orders via Colissimo are delivered in 72 hours in France, the express delivery via Chronopost is 24 hours if your order is placed before 1PM. For the point relay it is necessary to count 3 working days.

What are the rates for deliveries?

The rate for delivery via Mondial Relay is 3.90€ and delivery via Colissimo is 5.90€.

I have a delivery problem, what should I do?

In case of problems with your orders, please contact us by mail at the following address: hello@poupon-cosmetiques.fr

It's a gift, how will it get to the recipient?

Because the art of dolling is to be shared, you can slip a little word on a picture card when you order. At checkout, select "drop a note", we limit the text to 30 characters. We never include the invoice in your order.

We also offer a nice reusable box, with Poupon's colors for sale for your gifts.


What is the subscription and how to subscribe?

Our subscription allows you to select the product(s) of your choice and receive them directly at home at the frequency you wish. By subscribing, you get a 10% discount on the selected products and you can cancel it whenever you want.

To subscribe, you must select "subscribe" on the product page concerned. You will then have to choose your delivery frequency and validate your purchase.

In your cart appears a summary of your subscription, continue your purchases or make the payment of your subscription.

Find your subscription in your personal space, under "Subscriptions".

How do I change or cancel my subscription?

You can modify or cancel your subscription whenever you want and at no cost. Just go to your personal space, heading "My subscriptions" and click on modify.

I have a problem with my subscription, what should I do?

If you have any problems with your subscription, contact us by email at the following address: hello@poupon-cosmetiques.fr

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